Maytag Maytag 450 Front Load Electric Pair Mhwe450ww / Mede500vw – Laundry In Minutes!

Maytag Maytag 450 Front Load Electric Pair Mhwe450ww / Mede500vw – Laundry In Minutes!

Home appliances have undoubtedly made our life easier. The advent of washing machines especially has provided a kind of liberation to women. Washing machines have almost become a basic amenity in every home these days. In long list of washing machines available in the market today, we feel that the Maytag 450 Front Load Electric Pair, which includes a Maytag front load washer and a Maytag electric dryer has an edge above the rest, especially when it comes to front load washers and dryers.

We think that the Maytag front load washer with a loading capacity of 4.5cu.ft will tend to the needs of your whole family. With a spin speed of 1300 RPM, this front load electric washer extracts water better, thus reducing the drying time and electricity usage as well.

If youve kids at home, then this front load electric washer could very well be your savior, as it features a Power Wash Cycle, which helps removing even the toughest stains with ease. In addition, the Sensi-Care Wash System, which automatically controls suds and water level guarantees you of even better cleaning.

Since the Maytag front load electric washer and dryer are engineered with the Maytag Commercial Technology, you can expect the quality to be as good as a commercial washer and dryer. The GentleBreeze drying system helps you reduce the chances of over drying and shrinking. We think that the highlight of this front load electric pair is the inclusion of NSF Certified Sanitary Cycle, which ensures that your clothes are bacteria free.

Hence, if you want freshly cleaned, bacteria free clothes with minimum of effort, we recommend the Maytag 450 Front Load Electric Pair from NFM, the best online merchant who sells the finest home furnishings and home appliances at satisfactory prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Anyone had a maytag repairman come to your home?
    Whats the cost for them to come out? The lady from maytag said it -0 just to look at it, but thats a wide range. And do they fix them while there or do they come out another time to? any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      You likely have independent appliance repair services. Check the telephone book and talk to friends. I have a Maytag refrigerator but called Brockman’s Applicance in our town. Very knowledgeable and quite reasonable, and guarantees their work. I’ll bet you have someone similar in your area. The big name folks will charge big prices because of the use of the big name brand.

      Our independent has a minimum service call, but it applies to the total repair; I’ll bet others work the same way. Also, the more info you can give them as to what might be wrong as well as the model of your appliance, the better prepared they will be able to arrive. Another advantage of an independent is that they don’t stay in business if they don’t do a good job while a big name store may be sending someone who is about to be fired because of lack of skill or someone who will be good in the future but lacks his/her future skills today.

    What does it mean when Maytag cancelled their service contract with a certain appliance business?
    My friend runs an appliance service and he told me that Maytag cancelled their service contract with his company.
    He says it was because they werent paying the companys bills. What does it mean though?

    • ANSWER:
      It means he is no longer a Maytag repairman.

    How to replace broken glass top stove when controls on my Maytag are in the front.?
    All info I found on the web shows how to replace the glass top when the controls are in the back of the stove. My controls on my Maytag slide-in oven/stove are in the front. Please help as I can’t afford a new stove and must install myself. Also, where is best (cheapest) place to purchase new glass top?

    • ANSWER:
      I can’t say it is possible from past experience of working on a maytag but if you can get the part, the glass itself, it can be done. I found a Maytag glass cook-top-glass alone for , link below but you didn’t give the model number so it might not be for yours. At that price if you or someone you know is handy you will save a bundle vs buying a new appliance.

      1) You’ll need to run the part down first and get it in hand. Inquire about shipping insurance when ordering, if it’s cheep enough it’s worth getting during shipping.
      2) Make sure the breaker to the appliance is off before working on it.
      3) Remove the broken one and install the new one. All wiring should connect with clips. DO NOT get the wires mixed up or you be stuck. Use tape and label everything if you must to keep it all straight.

      If I was doing this before I ordered the new top, I would know where I can get one and the price, including shipping. (If you can’t get the part there is no need checking how the old top is removed) Only then would I check out the appliance itself to see what is involved with getting out the old part. Put everything back together then order the replacement part. When it comes in you’ll know exactly what to do.

      Try and Google this “maytag glass top replacement”.
      This link is from that search,,,

      the link seems to suggest that Maytag glass tops alone can be replaced at a good savings. Do your homework, read through the other result the Google search brought up, for any information or tips they might provide and the buying of a new top will not be wasted by not knowing how you get the old one out and the new one in.

      I don’t know your skill level but I wouldn’t think it’s that difficult from my experience.
      It may cost much more for the top but replacement will make it like new for less than replacement of th whole appliance. Shit happens, your top got broke, fix it, move on. Good luck. SS

    Is there any way to clean between the panes of glass on a Maytag double oven range?
    I just bought a Maytag double oven range. First use, boiling pot of water with a bit of oil in it, overflows and a little goes in the vents that lead to between the panes of glass on the upper oven door. The drips are visible and i can find no way to access it to clean…. anyone know of a way? or will i have to stare at those stains for the next 10 years? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve disassembled an older oven door to do it……..a little tricky………..maybe you could contact Maytag customer service for some advice
      Good luck

    Maytag electric range oven and clock not working after moving.?
    I carefully moved the range out and back again while tiling a kitchen floor.Now the clock and controll panel do not light up and the oven doesn’t work. The burners and their red indicator lights however DO work. It is a Maytag unit a few years old with a 220 plug and black glass burner top.
    Any ideas what to do?
    If I get an appliance repair man in what will it cost?
    Thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      Maytag ovens have separate internal limit brake switches sounds like one or more has burned out . if its still under warranty call. if not yes call the repair man. 65$ to check it out


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