Coin Operated Washers And Dryers Selection And Operation

Coin Operated Washers And Dryers Selection And Operation

A washing machine is now among the basic amenities of life. They are found in all places these days from ones houses to the local Laundromat. The washing machine has now given way to its advanced form which is the coin laundry washing machine. Coin operated washers work in a similar way to that of the washing machines except that they require coins to work. There are a wide variety of coin operated washers and coin operated dryers available in the market. There are also chances that many of them are duplicates. Hence one must make sure that he selects the right uipment coin operated washer and dryer. Some important steps can help one in selecting the best available washer. Firstly one must know what the laundry load that he has. This is important because the sheets need to be washed in the bigger loading washers whereas the clothing in smaller top-loading machine. One must check the coin operated washers tank whether they are clean or not and any debris found must be cleaned with some detergent or a towel as well. One should also make sure that the washer has the required settings needed for your clothes. The variety of cycles, availability of hot water, cold water, etc should also be checked. The next important step is the operation of the coin operated washer and dryer. The basic instructions required for the operation of it is illustrated. Firstly, the detergent powder is added to the washing machine. If one has got his own detergent then the instructions on the quantity required to be added should be followed. On an average, for one load one box of detergent is added. Then the controls of the washing machine which are generally present in front of the machine are set. One can also choose to use a regular cycle or a delicate cycle and also hot or cold water. It is recommended that one uses cold water for colored clothes whereas for whites one should use hot water. Then the coins are inserted into the coin mechanism slot. The way of inserting may vary from one machine to the other. Now while the drum gets filled with water, one should also add the laundry to it. This will help in spreading the detergent properly. The washers lid is then closed for the washer to complete its cycle. This generally takes an hour or so.Thus if one follows these basic steps for selecting and operating a coin operated washer and dryer, he can feel free from the worries of his washing and drying his clothes. It surely fulfills one of the basic necessities in our lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    How much impact do washers and dryers have on electricity bills if you only wash one load of clothes per week?
    And if washers/dryers do have a large impact on electric bills, what would you recommend I buy (I am looking to buy a new washer/dryer set)? I am looking for something affordable…

    • ANSWER:
      Aside from ac’s, heaters, and refrigerators, washers and dryers are some of the biggest consumers of energy. I have a front loader that is very energy efficient while it cost more to purchase I will say that it uses a third of the water (saving on the water bill) because it uses so much less water it therefore uses much less detergent (which saves even more) and it also has a spin cycle that gets my clothes to where they are just damp coming out of the washer as opposed to being wet most current dryers have a moisture sensor that shuts off when the clothes get to a certain dryness and then they just tumble dry. Because of the high spin of the washer the dryer does not have as long of a dry cycle which is the most expense part of laundry. Depending on the amount of laundry you do and the cost of energy and water in your area it could pay to find a efficient front loader with a high speed spin cycle.

    What can you tell me about washer/dryers?
    Are they any good? Have you had one? Do you have one? Any brands to go for or others to particularly avoid? Are they suitable for family use?
    Any experiences on washer/dryers greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a washer and a dryer and one breaks down, you still have the other. If you have a washer/dryer and one bit of it conks out, you’ve effectively lost both. I had one (Hotpoint) it took forever to dry, it never really worked properly and the power it used to do it was astronomic. It had a small drum so you couldn’t get much in, if it had a regular size drum it would take a day to dry it all. Also with two separate machines you don’t have to wait for a load to dry before starting the next wash. It really doesn’t save any time at all. (I have no garden so can’t dry washing outside)

    Why are washers and dryers separate in the USA?
    All asian countries have washer and dryer combined into a single unit. Most are typically top loading. However, washing and drying are separate functions in USA.
    Why are there no combined washer-dryers in USA, like in Asia?

    • ANSWER:
      Bigger houses with more room. Also a washer or dryer is cheaper than a combination so if one breaks it’s less expensive to replace just a washer or dryer than it would be to replace a combination of the two.

    What would a cleaning company charge for an apartment complex laundry room with 8 washers and 6 dryers?
    I’m trying to get an idea of what a cleaning company would charge to clean the laundry room of an apartment complex. There are 8 washers and 6 dryers, and the room is about 15 x 30. There would be 4 cleanings per month, including: wiping down the washers & dryers, mopping the tile floor, wiping baseboards, cleaning light fixtures and taking out the trash. I’m just looking for a rough idea as to what the service might cost. Thanks! Eric

    • ANSWER:
      Normally cleaning service company charge for per square feet and for the type of floor you have. You can get quote or directly contact to service provider at – I have experience of working with this service provider.

    Is it wrong to want to have several washers and dryers in my house?
    I want to add on a full laundry room that is equipped like a laundromat: with multiple washers and dryers (except no coins). Just so we can get our laundry done in one stop. Three loads in and three loads out. It’s a drag doing one load at a time. Is this unheard of? Ever see a home have this?

    • ANSWER:
      I have not heard of a laundry room in a private home with multiple washers and dryers in one room.

      I have heard of large homes built with walk-in closets in each bedroom with an alcove made to accommodate a stacking washer and dryer. In that arrangement each older child was taught to do their own laundry and the laundry never accumulated in a central place. This is a good idea for some and might be seen as excessive by others.

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